Discord Awards.

This is a list of Awards you can Earn on DanteRXTwin's Cool Club (For the damned)

I made these that's why they're here.

Award Name Description Animation Notes
Luck Award. For those whose luck makes the special.
Friendly Fire Award. For those who take their friends down with them
[[BIG SHOT]] Award For those with all the [[KROMER]]. THe currency in the server is called "[[KROMER]]"
Jevil Award. For those who can do anything.
Wan-R "Loyalty" Award. For those who will be loyal to the end.
Wan-S "Feral" Award. For those who are wild and un-tamable.
Wan-K "Leader" Award For those who are the leader of the pack.
Wan-K-EX "Cat They-ter" Award For those whose put others above themselves. Based on this piece of art.
Messiah Award For those who carry the weight of the world.. The Sprite is from Don't Forget.
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